Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What A Difference A Few Hours Makes

Changes usually happen gradually for me. Meaning, I set a goal and then work to complete it in different stages. And because gradual has been the norm, setting mini goals to achieve major goals is something I now do in every aspects of my life.

And this was exactly the case when my ESL teaching certification course started to come to an end. As I got close to finishing the course I sat down and planned out the route I would take to find a new job.

I wrote out a to-do List, which included revising my resume and creating a cover letter. I researched what job sites posted the best positions and spoke to people who currently work in the field about how much I can expect to get paid. I then planned the days I would apply to jobs and even set an end day (a day that I better have a new job). 

But little did I know, all this prep was unnecessary. God had a different plan. Within the same week that I finished my certification course, I found three jobs that I wanted to apply for. With my resume and cover letter edited and ready to be sent, I applied for all three.

Two of the three responded right away and I landed an interview for the following week. Still following my to-do list, I continued looking for jobs and figured this whole process would take some time, as it has done in the past.

The day of my interview I was kind of panicky (it’s been YEARS since I’ve had a formal interview). I had to go buy something to wear and had to prep myself on things I would say if I was asked, “So tell me about yourself.”

However, at some point I was able to relax. That’s probably because I prayed about the interview and asked God to give me the right words to say.

The day of the interview, the interviewer and I had a great conversation and it flowed naturally. She asked about my availability and then said the position was mine if I wanted it, but the class I would be teaching started the following Monday.

I was shocked, happy, and confused all at the same time.

I already had a job and kind of felt bad that I wouldn’t be able to give them a proper two weeks’ notice. I told the interviewer I would contact her by the next day to accept or decline the position.
Later that evening, I started thinking about how I had only been praying for a new job for about a week, and how I had been praying for a release from my (then) current job for maybe about a month. There was nothing wrong with that job, except I was becoming too comfortable and the position wasn’t ever going to lead to anything more.

This is when I realized how fast God answered both of my prayers. You see, one thing I struggle with is how long it takes for certain prayers to get answered. Just like I mentioned above, when it comes to me and my life, for some reason things are always gradual. But this time, God quickly answered my prayers. In one day I was able to cross two things off of my prayer request list. And I was reminded of how God can turn situations around in a matter of hours.

After emailing the interviewer to formally accept the teaching position, I went to bed that night grateful. Because literally 24 hours prior I was praying that the interview would go well. And now here I was thanking God for not only answering my prayers, but thanking him for doing it quickly. Because now I was in a completely different position and mindset from where I was when I woke up that morning.

I’m not exactly sure why the position was given to me, especially because I only had 3 months of experience (more to come on this later this week).

But right now, the lesson in this is that I need to remain faithful in God because He will always come through. Even if it seems like I’ve been praying for years or only two days, when God does it, it will be life changing and worth it.


  1. Congratulations my love! You deserve this!

  2. Congratulations. And thank you for sharing your testimony.

  3. Glory to God! Thank you for sharing this prima!