Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Random Musings of My Mind..

This is kind of random and a little all over the place. But bear with me, it’s what I’m currently feeling…

I want to have an impact simply by being true to who I am. I want to have a positive impact on people without having to involve any drama. For years I’ve looked at popular people whose stories get attention and realize they made it due to the crazy life they’ve lived.

But I am a regular person. I simply live life and continue to push myself to achieve the goals I set. And I like being that person. I do what I have to do, when I need to, and I get things done.

I feel like it’s in my DNA to spark change. And in the last couple of years I’ve seen this desire grow in various ways. But in order to spark change and have an impact I need certain qualities of mine to be stronger.

I constantly pray to the Lord, “Help me to not be lazy with my passion. Help me to be real and honest with my testimonies, not only so it’s relatable, but also so people understand things don’t come easy.”

I often feel like I’m the only one struggling to make it. 

I look at the lives of other people and wonder if they too feel like whenever they take 2 steps forward, they somehow end up taking 5 steps back. 

I have to remember that I won’t make it anywhere if I don’t push myself. Push myself to write- even when I feel lazy. Push myself to speak to people- even when I’m feeling out of place or anti-social. Push myself to have Faith in the Lord, because all things are possible through Him.

I constantly feel like I’m running out of time to accomplish certain things. But I always feel like I have to wait for the right timing. My mind goes back and forth on if I should stay put or move (figuratively and literally).

My life is sometimes a battle. A battle between me allowing joy to take over and me trying to control every single thing. But the only thing that remains constant is my Faith.
I need the Lord to have complete control over this and all areas of my life. 

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