Monday, February 22, 2016

God's Protection

NYC is of course an interesting place to live, but it’s also kind of scary. A few weeks ago a crane fell over and one person was hit and killed by it. Since the beginning of this year there have been over 20 people slashed in the face while either walking on city streets or on subways.

These incidents, in addition to the many others that take place daily, are a reminder of how I need to make sure I cover myself before leaving my home for the day. God’s protection is really important to me and is something I never leave home without doing. 

And I am always thankful for the subtle reminders God sends to remind me that He is protecting me, as was the case with a dream I had last fall. Whenever I see news coverage of a slashing I get a little nervous. However, one time in particular I was instantly reminded of something that happened to me last summer. 

It was a warm night, well actually it was a warm morning. It was exactly 4:15am on Saturday morning when I got off the bus. I was on my way home from a house party in the Bronx. As I walked up the three blocks from the bus stop with Big Sean blasting in my earbuds, I remember thinking to myself, “Maybe I should take these things out of my ear and be more attentive as I walk home.” But I didn’t. For some reason I felt completely safe walking home in the dark at that time of the morning. Especially because there were a bunch of other people out and about too (it’s NYC, no one ever sleeps).

I was one block away from my street when I heard two cars zoom and screech around the corner I had already passed. By the time I turned to look back the cars were already out of sight. I continued walking and turned on my street. As I was walking along, about half way to my building, I heard a loud bang.

I was scared, so I stopped walking. Then a car suddenly stopped in the middle of my street and a guy got out and ran past me. I had no idea what to do or where to go. In that moment, I remember thinking I shouldn’t go home because the loud noise came from the direction I was walking in.

I took a second to collect myself just as the guy who ran past me was now walking back to his damaged car in the street. I asked him if he was okay and he shook his head up and down, but looked really confused. As people started to come out of their buildings to see what the loud noise was I decided it was probably okay to go to my building.

When I got there I saw two damaged cars parked along the curb and one on the sidewalk in front of my building. I put two and two together and realized that the two cars I heard screech around the previous corner were racing. And when they came around the corner of my street, the second car hit the first car causing it to hit the parked cars and go up onto the sidewalk. And that car that I saw the guy run from was also involved.

When I got to my building I stood there with some guy who told me he was up listening to music and heard the loud bang. And without even thinking about what I was saying, I told him I was just up the street and if I had been about a minute earlier I would have been standing right in the spot on the side walk where the car now was. I could have been hit by one of those cars! After those words left my mouth is when the realization of what could have happened hit me.

When I got inside and calmed down, I thought about how safe I felt when I got off the bus and how safe I should continue to feel because God protects me. Yes, I could have been hit by that car. But maybe, just maybe because I got off the bus feeling safe and decided to stroll home, instead of walking fast, I avoided getting hit by a car. And that safe feeling I felt while walking came from God. 

I believe the Lord allowed this memorable experience to happen to me so I can remember it whenever I get concerned about my safety. Because it’s a clear example that He is always protecting me and I have no reason to be scared. 

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