Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Erica Nichole: Personal Blogger & Writer

Personal Blogger, writer, and wine enthusiast, Erica Nichole will close out 2015 with a few new accolades under her belt. From hosting successful events, and co-authoring a book, From Blank Space to Blogging Brilliance, to obtaining the Love & Relationship Editor position with xoNecole, and winning the People’s Choice award at the 2015 Afro-Latinas Who Rock awards brunch; Erica has no plans of slowing her momentum in 2016.
For the last six and a half years this Afro-Cubana has penned some of the most jaw-dropping, yet eye-opening pieces on her blog, Everything ENJ. Erica has created a space where women can find comfort in knowing their experiences are solely not their own. In doing so, Erica has also positioned herself in a place where her words are impacting and shaping the careers and minds of her peers and those following in her footsteps.
In the interview below, Erica talks about her Afro-Latina identity as a child, her future career plans, and how she balances her family and finding time for herself.
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