Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Have Entered A New Phase

In a previous post (here) I wrote about how important it is for your road to success to continue to grow longer. 

“…every time I keep getting closer to what I think is the end of my path, the path should grow. Meaning as I evolve and grow, my path should too. Hence, why I should never get comfortable, especially when it comes to my career.”

And with that being said, I have entered into a new phase with my book. My book was completed this summer and I spent September, October, and the first week of November receiving feedback from readers and making final edits. And finally, I have entered the pitching phase. I have found five agents who I would love to have represent my book. So I’m in the process of peeking their interests to see which one will say yes. 

Getting to this phase was not easy. But now that I’m here I feel a great sense of relief. I’ve been working on this book since the summer of 2013. And since then this book changed so many times, in so many ways. With each change and draft along the way, my book has been submitted to contests and fellowships, all of which did not work out (Which I wrote about here).

But I kept working at it and thankfully I reached a point where I know I have done everything I can to make my book perfect. And that in itself is something to celebrate. It also calls for a celebration because finishing this book and pitching it to agents was one of my 2015 goals.

As I previously mentioned. Once the celebrating is done, I have to stay on the path and keep moving. Which leads to my current position, pitching. And once the pitching phase is over, I can finally stop at one of the rest stops on my path. And that’s where I will hang out until I hear back from one of the agents I pitch or it’s where I will decide what the next step for my book should be. Either way, this particular path will not end until my book is published. And once that happens, I will grow my path by starting to write another…

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