Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Whimsical World of Beads ByAree

I can scroll down my Instagram feed at any time of day and I am certain to see someone wearing a Beads Byaree piece. From eyewear and body chains, to rings, hair accessories and more; each piece makes its own bold and eye-catching statement. All of the Beads Byaree jewelry is hand crafted by Areeayl Goodwin. And since each piece is inspired by what she sees in her dreams, Areeayl literally makes her dreams into a reality. “Dream… and it will spread like a wildfire,” she says.
areeyal_working_girl_1-620x462This Philly born, now Brooklyn NY resident’s pieces are a favorite among celebrities and have captivated audiences as far as London and Israel. This imaginative line is so much more than your usual online jewelry boutique items. While of course fashionable, the pieces also stimulate dialogue. As Areeayl says, “Fashion is a symbol from who you are and what you think. If certain pieces spark a conversation, you’re influencing/opening the minds of those around you.”
In the interview below, Areeayl talks about the beginning stages of Beads Byaree, how she defines her jewelry line, and lessons she’s learned from running her own business.

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