Tuesday, October 6, 2015

No Dairy!

I've always been that person who asks, "Why?" When I was a child, this question was always responded to by my parents with, "Because I said so!" But what people don't understand is that I have a genuine curiosity. I'm not just asking why to question you. I really want to know why things work the way they do.

Anyways, for years I've heard people say, "Eat more veggies. Eat more fruits, blah blah blah.” And of course I’ve always known that I should eat them because there good for me. But I never understood why they are good for me. And because the why was never explained to me, eating fresh veggies and fruit was not important to me.

In addition to not eating right, I have struggled off and on with acne for years. And when I tell u I’ve tried everything, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING, seriously. But recently I heard a dermatologist say, "Your skin will always tell you what's going on inside of your body." With that, I figured my body must be a toxic mess, because not a day goes by without a new pimple coming up on my face. 

And that’s when my question of ‘Why should I eat fruits and veggies?’ was partially answered. Hello, eating them is good for your skin. And this is when my quest to have healthy skin started. I randomly came across Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's book, The Beauty Detox Solution in Barnes & Noble. And I can honestly say this book has changed my life, and my skin. She, very clearly, goes through not only what we should be eating for our bodies to function properly, but she gives thorough explanations as to WHY we need to be eating a certain way. The book gives specifics on how to get a youthful radiant glow, getting rid of acne and splotchy skin, growing strong hair and nails, and losing belly fat.

All of the above is great about the book. But the most helpful part of the book for me has to do with WHY WE SHOULD NEVER, EVER EAT DAIRY. In the book Kimberly says:

“Lactose is the enzyme needed to break down and digest the sugar in milk called lactose. Most of our bodies stop or greatly diminish the production of lactose by the time we are two or three years old, as nature did not intend for us to be drinking mother’s milk after that.”

“Dairy is one of the most mucus-forming foods there is. When we ingest milk, cheese, and other dairy products, it puts a huge burden on the body to try to get rid of the mucus…”

“Dairy products wreak havoc on our bodies as soon as they are ingested, so our bodies then try desperately to get rid of them in different ways, such as in the form of phlegm, mucus, or pimples.”

Initially, I thought cutting out dairy would be hard. But once I made the conscious decision that I was sick of my acne and needed to find a definite solution, I had no problem cutting it out. I do very rarely indulge, and when I do I mentally prepare for the two or three pimples that will appear in the days that follow. 

If I ever had to recommend or endorse a book, it would be Kimberly’s. I was simply seeking information about my acne, but ended up learning so much more. By making some of the changes discussed in the book, my body shape, skin, and energy level has been positively affected. There is truly something for everyone in this book. And if you need a little more convincing before buying it, check out Kimberly’s site. It’s filled with tons of information and recipes. 

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