Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kiersten Kindred: Communications Professional

Meet Kiersten Kindred! This twenty something year old not only owns her 
own communications firm, but she also specializes in branding.

Kiersten started her firm, Kindred Communications in the summer of 2013. This full service firm specializes in communications, marketing, branding, entertainment, community engagement, consulting, career services, and media relations for individuals and medium-sized businesses.

In March of this year Kiersten added the title of author to her name with the release of, Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide. In the interview below find out what it’s like for this millennial to run her own firm, where her interest in communications and branding came from, and more information on her book. 

TameeksB: I’m just going to guess that when you were younger you never went around saying you wanted to work in marketing, so what did you want to be?

Kiersten Kindred: I never said that, you are correct (LOL). I wanted to be a professional ballet/jazz/pointe/tap/hip-hop dancer.

TB: Who or what made you want to get into communications?

KK: I wanted to get into branding and communications because I love creating, implementing, and conveying a message to people. It’s like creating a movement each time you do a campaign.

TB: What are some of the ups and downs you have experienced in running your own communications firm?

KK: Trying to manage my life with my business. I feel like I never stop working, and when you are a solopreneur it is like that at times. When I get home, I am working. When I leave the house, I am working. Driving, I am working. It never stops, but I feel blessed, regardless.

TB: To be a 20-something and accomplishing so much, where does your drive and ambition come from?

KK: Thank you! I think my drive and ambition comes from an inner fear of failure. I am very hard on myself and I expect a lot from myself.

TB: Can you give a brief synopsis of your book?

KK: My book Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide, helps small businesses learn how to properly market and brand their business on a low budget. They learn how to define and manage their brand, put together a great comprehensive marketing plan, and how to get press, by yourself.

TB: On my blog, I write a lot about following your dreams, walking in your purpose, and staying motivated. It seems you are doing all the above, how does that feel?

KK: It feels wonderful, but I still have a long way to go. But to be where I am now and to accomplish so much, in my twenties, it feels great!

TB: What’s next for you and your company?

KK: Kindred Communications will begin to host workshops and conventions, so stay tuned at!

TB: Any advice you’d like to share regarding starting your own business, writing a book, or branding?

KK: When starting your own business, the best advice I can give people would be to believe in yourself and be patient with yourself. Give yourself and your business time to grow. My best advice for doing a book, is to never stop writing. Branding advice: Brand your business first, before you yell to the market about your business.

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