Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Be Moxie Leader

"I hope my writing can bring some sort of comfort to an Afro-Latina who might be struggling with her identity. I want her to read my work and not feel alone in whatever she may be going through with trying to fit in or understanding her culture."

1. Be Moxie means to be a woman of determination, be bold, be savvy and to have the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. How are you a Moxie woman?
I am a Moxie woman because I am always looking for ways to grow. Whether personally or professionally, having specific goals are vital and achieving them is important to me. I look at each goal as a rest stop on my path, not a destination. Once a goal is accomplished, of course I am happy and take time to celebrate it. But being comfortable is not good. So I push on to the next thing, grow my path, and set new goals to achieve.
2. What initially attracted you to your specific career path? Was there a specific incident? Childhood? Did being a woman play a role?
Writing has always been something that was in me. As a child I would write essays and win school contests, and was always a part of the yearly Young Writer’s Conference and would win several awards. In college I had several people tell me I was a great writer and even had professors encouraging me to write for the campus paper. But I never did, I never paid attention to my gift. Looking back, I think I missed the fact that writing was my passion because I didn’t know making a living as a writer was possible. No one around me was doing it, so it never crossed my mind.
After I graduated from college I worked at an advertising agency and was very unsatisfied. It wasn’t until I decided to start blogging and taking some writing classes that I realized I needed to pursue a career in writing. After six years of working in advertising, I quit my job and moved to NYC for a fresh start and to start my writing career.
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