Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 Career Lessons From Award Winning Journalist Danyel Smith

Last Thursday evening Her Agenda and AlleyNYC hosted Content, Creativity, and Career with Danyel Smith. As a testament to Danyel’s work and longevity in journalism, the room was filled with eager attendees, including myself, who were ready to hear Danyel give some insight into her successful career and share some advice.

The conversation started with Danyel touching on her Oakland, CA upbringing and how the freedom she had as a child gave her the boldness she carried into her adulthood and career. In addition, she shared the one thing she would tell her younger self: “Don’t be so sensitive.” A lesson she first learned when an attempt at interviewing Stanley “MC Hammer” Burrell didn’t go as planned.

Danyel has come a long way from trying to nab freelance gigs on the west coast. From being an Editor at BillboardTime Inc, and VIBE. Danyel has written for several publications including ElleEssenceRolling Stone, and presently ESPN The Magazine. She has two books under her belt and is working on a third. Danyel recently completed a Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University and is currently teaching at Syracuse University.

After all these accomplishments, Danyel still finds ways to shape the journalism industry and push herself in different ways. One way being collaborating with her husband Elliott Wilson on the rapidly approaching release of HRDCVR, “A hardcover culture magazine created by diverse teams for a diverse world.”

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