Saturday, June 6, 2015

Black Latina Movement

A few months after moving to NYC, I attended Black Latina (the Play). The characters' story lines were so real and relatable that I became an instant fan of the play and the women behind it.

Crystal Roman, Founder of the Black Latina Movement (BLM), is doing something really special and unique. From the play and a series, to tours and other productions, this collective is creating entertaining content, all while educating the masses about Black Latinas.

"We dedicate the Movement to exhibiting the beauty and harmony 
of both African and Latino cultures..."

Because I love everything BLM is doing, I am very excited to share this interview. In which I chatted with Crystal Roman about BLM's productions, purpose, and future plans.

Tameeksb: What was your initial purpose and goal when you started Black Latina Movement?

Crystal: My initial purpose was to create a company that provides a platform for women, especially women of color in the entertainment industry in a way that has never been done before.

TameeksB: How did you and the other three members of BLM come together?

Crystal: We all have very close personal ties with each other. As a group we have been friends for over 10 years and within the group some of us have known each other for 20 years+. We all have experience in the arts and business backgrounds so when I decided to create the company it was obvious that I should start it with them.

TameeksB: I always see you tweeting about The Colors of Love series. Can you give a little background on the series and its purpose?

Crystal: The series is a spin-off of the Off-Broadway show with the same title. The Colors of Love is  a series that explored 4 couples at different places in their life, different ages, career backgrounds etc. that are  in these relationship/marriages with a wide spectrum of issues. From cohabitation, parenting, sexuality and more it tackles many taboo topics in our community.

TameeksB: A few years ago I attended Black Latina (the Play). As an Afro-Latina, I could identify with each of the characters. One thing I loved was that the characters were all different skin tones. Was this something you were conscious of when casting actors? If so, why was it important to do this?

Crystal: We strive for diversity in ALL of our productions, from Black Latina to The Colors of Love (the play and series) to most recently Of Mothers and Men. We consciously want to show the array in which women of color come in. Our complexities are so beautiful that it is important we share them and show the world, rather than providing this boxed stereotypical “look.”  

TameeksB: Out of all of BLM’s current and past projects and productions, which do you feel has been most impactful and why?

Crystal: That’s a tough question because all BLM productions have specific social impacts we aim to accomplish. But because Black Latina the play was our first show (created in 2008) it has had most time to grow, develop, and be presented to audiences around the country— making it the company’s most successful production. But that’s not to say the other projects won’t have that, just give them some more time :).

TameeksB: What’s next for BLM (future plans or projects)?

Crystal: After two years of being on tour, we are proud to be bringing back Black Latina the play to NYC. Also this summer we are creating a summer screening series to present the complete season 1 of The Colors of Love. Once the summer series is completed we will be bringing the stage play back which will be a real treat for everyone, since they will get to see the web series characters live on stage.

TameeksB: Anything else you’d like to share about BLM?

Crystal: We are working on partnering up with other companies to help produce bigger productions and expand the BLM brand. So we have some very game changing collaborations coming up.

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