Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Writing is My Therapy

I write professionally and for pleasure, but most importantly I write for peace of mind. Similar to going to a therapist and sharing problems and issues with an unbiased person, writing offers me the same benefit. My journal is filled with feelings and situations that I had to get out of my head, so I could feel a release and be able to move on.

But there are certain topics I dread writing about. For one in particular, I know exactly what I want to write; I even have it outlined in my head. But to sit and put pen to paper or fingers to keys has been an internal battle for years.

This issue of “allowing” -without actual consent- people to label me has been something I’ve dealt with all my life. One particular label- “Tamika, you’re mean,” has stayed with me for years. I am no longer bothered by people who may feel that way about me. But at one time in my life having that label placed on me (by extended family members) shaped my personality. It even caused me to become reserved, hiding my true feelings so I wouldn’t have to hear those three words.

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