Friday, April 10, 2015

Supplementing My Freelance Career

When I moved to NYC I had this grand idea of my freelance writing and editing career immediately taking off. I pictured myself living this luxurious life, where I trotted around town writing at these cool little coffee shops and getting published and featured in all the top magazines I enjoy reading. I also imagined I would have this huge following who waited at bated breath for my next piece, so they could be inspired by it and share it with all their friends.
However, after my first year of freelancing none of the above was happening. I mean, I did have a roof over my head, I wrote whenever and wherever I wanted, and people were and still are inspired by my writing and share it. But things were not happening at the level I expected.
Since those early freelancing days, I have learned a lot about what it takes to work for myself. Any freelancer will tell you, you have to put just as much time (maybe more) into promoting your craft/services. In addition, I quickly learned that when starting something new, it takes time for it to grow. It also takes time to make a certain amount of money to live a particular lifestyle.

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