Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Okay... Take A Break

There are all these quotes and motivational sayings that are supposed to keep us going on a daily basis. But sometimes you just need a break from all of it. This was me last Friday. I had the day off
from work and planned to do plenty of writing. But when I woke up that morning, not only was I unmotivated, I was tired. Not physically, but tired of working on the project that has consumed my life since February. And the more and more I thought about how important it was to work on said project, I started to feel very anxious. And that led to me wanting to give up altogether. But I saw that for what it was and realized a break was necessary.

Even then I still debated with myself on if I should just take the day to chill, eat, sleep, and watch TV. And then I started to feel guilty. Guilty because if I did those things I would not be using my time wisely. Guilty because I wouldn't be using my day off to get further along with my goals for the month and the year. Guilty because people are always saying, to make it you have to work consistently; you have to be grinding all the time. 

After going back and forth about this for an hour, I realized I needed the time to relax. Relax my brain and not worry about outlines, writing chapters, reading instructional aids, fellowship applications, and so on.

So I ended up pushing my guilt and anxiety to the side and taking the necessary me time I needed. I realized I am in fact in a race, but I'm racing myself. So what's the point of trying to out run myself? Working at a pace that works for me is what's best. I can't stress about how accomplished the next person is or try to put in the same hours as they do. I am a different person. My race/path is different. 

It is okay to stop for a moment and pamper yourself.


  1. I can SO relate to everything you've said! I'm on a mission to let go of this guilt when taking time for myself. I too have realised that I've been running a race, expect I was running other people's races instead of my own, which was a powerful realisation! This is my first time to your website (I came via the Brown Girl Bloggers weekly links) and I love the illustrations you use.

    1. It's so hard to deal with the guilt, but it's good to know other people go through similar stuff- so you know you're not going crazy :)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!