Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Because of Them, We Can...

The Mission :To Educate and Connect a New Generation to Heroes Who Have Paved the Way

"The Because of Them, We Can campaign was birthed out of my desire to share our rich history and promising future through images that would refute stereotypes and build the esteem of our children. While I originally intended to publish the campaign photos, via social media, during Black History Month, I quickly realized how necessary it was to go further. With so many achievers to highlight, and thousands of children to engage and inspire, 28 days wasn't enough. On the last day of February, with just 28 photographs in my collection, I decided to resign from my job in order to continue the campaign. On March 1, 2013, after most national and local conversations about Black History and Achievement ended, I released a photo of a mini-inspired Phyllis Wheatley and began the journey to continue the project for a full year." -Because of Them, We Can

With us living in a society that’s fixated on celebrity culture and nothing else, 
many children -especially black children- are growing up without the proper 
knowledge of what's important. Better yet, their growing up 
without the knowledge of where they came from and who paved the way for them. 

The Because of Them, We Can... project is so necessary. Children need to know 
what those before them did for the black race and for this country. 
This project brings attention to that in a fun and cute, yet informative way.  

"If you don't know your history you are bound to repeat it."

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