Thursday, March 19, 2015

4 Ways To Tap Into Your Purpose

Because I'm always talking about finding your passion and how important it is to live with a purpose, I found it fitting to repost some great words of wisdom from Amber Janae of Who Is Amber Janae

Before I had indefinitely settled in my writing I never once considered what my life purpose was. I kind of just did whatever there was to do at that moment. Whether it be school, working a full-time job or both, a purposeful life wasn’t something I always took into consideration. I had always had a love for writing. I wrote everything on my heart and mind. I carried around notebooks just as I had once seen Harriet the Spy do on film. I admired her growing up. But, as I got older and having passion seemed uncool, I no longer cared to feed my soul. So I stopped writing. I can say that before I had begun to take my craft seriously there was nothing that I lived for. I was just simply flying by, by the seat of my panties hoping that life would cut me a break.
The more I chose to live an unfulfilled life the more unhappy I was. I was probably twenty years old when something in me clicked. I instantly knew that I had to get to work. Something in me was like get off your ass and begin your entrepreneurial journey. STILL, it wasn’t as easy as I imagined it to be. Life was tugging me to make all these changes and I was comfortable as I was. I had sort of began this journey with no real idea as to what I was working toward.
One day, I decided to jot down my thoughts after had given up on writing for years. I shared my work with a friend who at the time had no idea I knew how to write. Their encouraging words is what kept me pushing forward until one day I was back to doing what I loved daily. Who you are called to be is far more powerful than who you presently are. Life will pull you into that person, but if you’re resistant you’ll stay stagnant. We are destined to live a fruitful, purposeful life, as well as being far removed from our old habits and ways. As I once carried on in life wondering what my purpose was, I am sure you all do as well. Here’s 4 sure ways to discover your purpose in life.

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  1. Ah the is the point I'm at in life, I feel like I know my purpose(s) but I definitely need to focus on bringing them to life and 'tapping' into them. Thanks for sharing!

    Mona x