Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just A Few Favorites...

Many would say blogs are a dime a dozen, meaning there are so many and none of them have any real importance. But those of us who actually have one or read them know that couldn't be further from the truth. Whether you read blogs for entertainment, motivation, or education; blogs do serve a purpose. 

These four blogs below are just a few that continue to keep my interest, teach, and get my creative juices flowing. Hope you get something out of them too!

Damask Love: Craft is in Season

"Damask Love is a crafting blog committed to sharing inspiration and instruction with DIY gals worldwide, no matter their level of experience! Like you, I’m an avid DIY-er, but all too often I find myself intimidated by tutorials around the web. Here at Damask Love, I hope to inspire even the newest crafters to dive into the doability of DIY! Each time you visit Damask Love I want you to feel welcomed and excited about getting creative and making something!"

Mimi G Style: Buy It, Make It, Mix It, Rock It!
“Trending Expert” Mimi Goodwin is the creator of the outrageously popular Fashion, Lifestyle, and DIY blog,, as well as the MimiGStyle youtube channel, which houses DIY projects, health and fitness tips, product reviews, highlights from her annual “Sewing, Fashion and Style” conference, and your everyday family shananagans."

Think & Grow Chick: Achievement Tips For Ambitious Chicks

"I am a self-improvement vigilante, helping 20 and 30-something, African-American women accomplish goals related to their hair, finances, entrepreneurship, health, faith in God, and life. By no means am I an expert on any of the aforementioned topics; in fact, my favorite phrase is “I am a guinea pig, not a guru.” I’m just a girl with some big dreams toting a suitcase full of crazy experiences behind her on the way there."

By Regina: For the Bloggers and Creativepreneurs 

 "I am a blogger who creates content for creative business owners, other bloggers, freelancers, and generally awesome people. My belief is that you are legendary, so I create articles, videos, workbooks, and books that help you reveal your true creative epicness. I want your readers to love you, your new customers to go crazy over you, and your fans to create #hashtags in your honor. That is all."

Happy Reading!!!

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