Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hip Hop Quotable: J. Cole

"But little do they know
I came up in here to take advantage of that sh*t y'all take for granted
Opportunity that I would kill for
Lookin' at rappers like 'what the f_k you got a deal for?!'
When I was assed out with my funds low
It's nice to know I had the whole world at my front door"

The song "Sideline Story" is one that has grown to become very personal to me. Released on J. Cole's debut album in 2011, I of course liked the song when I first heard it back then; but a year later when I moved to NYC the lyrics above took on a deeper meaning and became words that I can now relate to.

I came up in here to take advantage of that sh*t y'all take for granted

NYC represents different things for different people. I, like J. Cole, think of this place as an opportunity. I'm often asked why I decided to leave California, especially since everything I'm doing out here could actually be done out there. But the truth is... that's not true. There is actually a long list of things that have happened here in NYC, which could have never happened in Cali. The main thing: the people.

The people I have met in NYC have not only been great, but have provided me with and pointed me in the direction of great opportunity. Opportunities that I was only able to be a part of or benefit from because I live in NYC, opportunities that some wouldn't think twice about taking advantage of.

It's nice to know I had the whole world at my front door

It really is a nice feeling to wake up every morning knowing I live in a city that has endless possibilities. Whether it has something to do with my writing or some other side venture I come up with in the future, NYC will always be that place to help cultivate and motivate me into making things happen.

Whenever I feel like giving up or wanting to move back home...this song helps me get my mind right and refocused on why I moved to NYC in the first place. 

Oh, and I can't forget about a line Cole says in the chorus: I wish somebody made guidelines on how to get up off the sidelines

Listen, if someone could call and give me step-by-step directions on how to make things really pop off- I would be set. But life isn't like that. I have to try different options and figure out what works best for me. And continue to use my writing as some sort of motivation or inspiration that others can take from to get themselves “up off the sidelines.”

On another note: J. Cole continues to be a constant source of inspiration,
 especially his come-up story and in his recent interviews below.

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