Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everything I Do Doesn’t Have to Be Shared Online

Delete. Delete. Delete. I spent two hours one night deleting and untagging myself from pictures on Facebook. I didn't delete everything from my page, just the pictures I felt no longer represent me. Not that I was ever the type to post wild partying pictures, but many pictures that were on my page I now look at as irrelevant or pointless to have shared. This is especially true because I am not as active on Facebook as I was some years back.

Back then having a constant stream of Facebook status updates and creating photo albums, with pictures of all the fun things my friends and I did over the weekend, was an absolute must. I used to feel my likability was determined by how active I was on Facebook and the number of “friends” I had.

I remember when Facebook was just for college students- it was fun. But when it transitioned to being open to everyone, everything changed. For me, Facebook has turned into the land of ultrasound pictures, children school pictures, and old news (that twitter discussed days ago). And for many of us, our Facebook feeds are filled with family members who comment on and question every single thing that someone posts.

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