Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chanel Butler: Style Blogger

Meet San Francisco, CA based style blogger Chanel Butler of ChanelFiles. I can't remember when or how I came across Chanel's blog, but I do know it's been one of my faves for some time now. 

With posts ranging from the season's essentials to video shopping trips to Target; Chanel has taken her love for fashion an created a platform that she continues to cultivate, even while working a full time job. 

This Howard University alumni's cute and comfy, yet bold and colorful style has inspired many of my clothing purchases within the last year. 

"Through my blog I hope to encourage you to take chances with your style and add a little glam to your everyday life."

In our interview, Chanel chats about her passion for fashion, her personal style, and much more.

TameeksB: When did you realize you had a passion for fashion?

Chanel: I've always loved fashion but it wasn't until my early 20s did I realize that I want to make a career of it.

TameeksB: When and why did you decide to start your blog?

Chanel: I created Chanelfiles during my junior year while studying at Howard University. At the time blogging was still very unknown and I thought it was the perfect time to showcase what I love about fashion in my own way.

TameeksB: Who or what inspires your personal clothing choices?

Chanel: Honestly not one person or thing inspires my clothing choices. I dress for what I love and what looks good on me, then find inspiration from places or people. A few of my favorite style icons are Jenna Lyons, Marissa Web, June Ambrose, and Olivia Palermo.

TameeksB: What are your favorite places to shop (websites or stores)?

Chanel: I wouldn't say I have any “favorite” places to shop, but I’m always a fan of ZARA, J.Crew, Madewell, and Forever 21. A little high/low action is what makes my wardrobe me!

TameeksB: How do you decide what items to feature on your blog?

Chanel: Everything that’s featured on my blog, whether an outfit post or a post about fashion or trends, are inspired by the current season, weather, trends, and frankly, just what I love. I don’t like to follow too many trends and I believe when you create your signature style your followers appreciate it and know they can always find something on your blog that they can't find anywhere else.

TameeksB: Can you share a small piece of advice for those who may consider themselves “unstylish?”

Chanel: A small piece of advice for those who aren't as stylish would be to play around with different trends, style, and silhouettes. You never know what you’ll like or look good in until you try. And if those efforts fall short, hire someone to help you. I’m taking my passion for fashion and style and offering it to those in need of a little extra help, so never be afraid to ask for what you want! 

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