Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Your Struggles Are Important

A new year brings about new people, new things, new happiness, new changes, and new opportunities. But without a doubt, a new year also brings about new struggles. And because of that, the first post of 2015 is about struggles.

Even though we hate experiencing them, struggles are an important necessity in our lives. Struggles give us character, and overcoming them shape us into better people.

Struggle: “To contend with an adversary or opposing force.”

I often wonder if I make too much of a big deal out of the struggles I go through. I know there are many people who are worst off than I am; and because of that I try not to get hung up on the struggles I endure. I attempt to ease my feelings by telling myself, “Things could always be a lot worse, Tamika.”

But that’s not fair. Because what might seem like not a big deal to some, is important to me. As it’s my life and I’m the one trying to navigate through the struggle. Even though we all go through different degrees of struggles, we each have our own ways of reacting to and dealing with them.

Deeming my struggles as less important because they are not as big as the next person’s makes everything worse. It causes me to keep my feelings bottled up out of fear that someone will downplay what I’m going through.

Respecting my struggle allows me to freely experience the emotions that come along with opposition. Respecting my struggle allows me to deal with the hurt, the tears, the chest-pounding anxiety that comes with worrying about what’s next, and the fear of not knowing if this trial will ever go away.

Will I struggle forever? I think so, because life is a never ending battle. When you overcome one obstacle another is right there waiting. Anyone who says life is easy isn’t working hard enough. New challenges and struggles arise every day. The only way to fully deal with them and overcome them, without losing your sanity, is to respect them. 

Originally posted: Respect Your Struggle 

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