Thursday, January 29, 2015

Waiting Is The Answer

When I was 13 I wanted a pair of blue Dickey overalls. At the time these were the must have item at my middle school. And because all the cool girls had this exact pair of overalls, I had to have them too. My mom agreed to buy them for me, but said I had to wait until payday. Which wouldn't have been a big deal if that day wasn't a little over a week and a half away. I remember that waiting period being the longest week and a half of my life; I wanted those overalls so bad.

Finally when payday came, my mom took me to the store. When we got there I spotted the blue overalls immediately. But then I spotted a blue and white striped pair that I liked even more. The sales lady explained that these overalls had just arrived the day before. Long story short, I got the striped pair and received plenty of compliments at school. I assume this happened because my overalls were different from what everyone else had.

This overalls story is something I often think about in my adulthood, especially because I find myself constantly waiting. The best example of this: waiting on a husband.

My social media sites are filled with photos of engagement rings, weddings, and ultrasounds. Constantly seeing this, kind of makes it hard for those of us who have not had such life changing experiences yet.

In an effort to combat the desire to curl up in a ball and cry because I feel left out (not really). I like to remind myself that my wait is longer, because the longer I wait the better it (my husband) will be. Similar to what happened with the overalls when I was 13.

In other words, I could just fall for any guy that smiles at me. But I'd rather wait for the one who stands out from the rest. The one who will be the prototype for the others to follow... Someone that others will look at and want to find a similar version for themselves. 

Even though the two situations may not seem comparable, my overalls story is a great reminder to wait. I have to wait on my husband just like I had to wait for my overalls. Just like how the striped overalls were better than the blue pair that everyone else had, I believe my husband will be better than what I currently imagine him to be.

In the past, waiting has always brought about something far better. So in this situation, I'll continue to wait.

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