Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taking it to Another Level

May 3rd of 2011 will always be a significant day to me. It was the day I started my blog. The Essence of Me was started out of a need for expression. Back then I had no real direction for my blog; I didn’t know any other bloggers, didn’t care anything about gaining readers, and never thought about the impact my blog could possibly ever have.
What I did know was that the sole purpose of The Essence of Me was to provide and outlet, as I just wanted to write. The only thing I put effort into was my blog’s title and tagline. This was important because I wanted to pick a name that meant something to me, a name that would be a true representation of my blog’s content.
I can’t remember where or when the word essence came to mind, but after looking up its definition I knew I was on the right track; the word had to be included in my blog’s title.
Essence: the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features.
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