Thursday, January 15, 2015

Desiree Robolt: Makeup Artist

Meet Houston, TX based Makeup Artist Desiree Robolt. My fellow Panameña's love for makeup started as a child, when she participated in Panamanian folkloric dancing called “Baile Típico." In addition to wearing the traditional Panamanian attire, makeup was a part of the full look. 

"My mom would always do my makeup 

and from the first placement of eyeshadow, 

I fell in love."

After falling in love with makeup at an early age, Desiree didn't start experimenting on other people until her first year of college. It was during those college years that Desiree not only honed her makeup skills, but it's also when she turned her love of makeup in to a money maker. She started charging people $5 to do their makeup, all while speaking her future into existence: "I need to become a makeup artist," Desiree would tell her friends.  

The fulfillment of this came in 2012 when Desiree graduated from college with a BA in Psychology. That same year she started her freelance company, Desirable Faces Makeup Artistry. In addition, Desiree is currently working toward a MS in Human Resource Development at the University of Texas at Tyler.

Desiree and I chatted about how she balances her passion for makeup, becoming a certified artist, and much more. 

TameeksB: Do you consider being a makeup artist your passion in life?

Desiree: Being a makeup artist is my passion! When you can see yourself doing something for free for the rest of your life, that’s your true passion.

TameeksB: When most people find their passion they stick to it and solely focus on it. But in addition to having your own makeup artistry company, you are continuing your education. Why? Why not just focus on your makeup business?

Desiree: I’m the type of person who likes to have options. I’m always thinking about how things may work out, whether it be positive or negative. Though, I would love to quit everything else and focus solely on my business (& one day I will), I believe that having an education is very important. I tend to be very calculated. I know that when starting a new business, not much money is going to be made. You’re also going to be spending more money than you make. I’m a realist, bills do have to be paid. So, right now I’m going to make sure I have my degree and have the option of being able to get a good job in a field that I actually do have interest in, which is human resources. Most people ask, “Why aren't you getting your Master’s in something business related since you have a business?” and my answer is, “…because I don’t want to.” Lol. I believe that whatever you do, you should love it. Quite frankly, I didn't like any of my business classes in college, so why would I pursue a field that I have no interest in? I am blessed to have found two fields that I’m actually excited about pursuing: makeup artistry and human resource development (even though I do like one more than the other). ;)

TameeksB: How do you schedule your time so you can efficiently run your own company, work a full time job, and pursue a Master’s Degree? 

Desiree: It is not easy at all. I just finished a makeup certification class and it would end at 11 pm every Monday and Tuesday for a month straight. If you know me, you know that I need my 8 hours of sleep to function the next day, so I would be fighting sleep at my desk at work. However, sometimes those are the sacrifices you have to make. The weekends are usually reserved for all my appointments. Thankfully, I’m taking off this semester of grad school so I’m going to have 6 months to fully dedicate to my business. I’m going to be working overtime to build my clientele, my skill, and get my business where I need it to be before I start school again.

TameeksB: Why did you feel it was important to become a certified makeup artist?

Desiree: I wanted to be certified, mainly because I’m always looking to gain more knowledge from those who are more experienced than myself. Also, people love titles and being certified makes you more marketable to clients because they see that you actually have had instruction and you know what you’re doing!

TameeksB: What are your future plans for Desirable Faces Makeup Artistry? Do you plan to expand, hire employees, go full time with it once you’re done with school?

Desiree: I want Desirable Faces to be an empire one day! Once my clientele builds up some more, I’ll probably look into getting an assistant. My dream is to have my own studio that provides all beauty services to its clients. I would also like to have my own makeup line. I’m currently putting together a makeup class here in Houston, so that’s another project I’m working on. Once I feel as though I can live a stable life with my company supporting me, then I will go full-time.

TameeksB: Any advice for aspiring makeup artists?

Desiree: For any aspiring MUAs that are looking to get into the business, I would say practice, practice, practice, and soak up as much knowledge as you possibly can. Get a mentor that is currently where you want to be in life and learn as much as you can from them. This industry is one that is constantly changing and you will always be learning no matter how much experience you have. Develop thick skin, don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams and PLEASE do not compare your work to others. Be in competition with yourself and strive to be better than you were before.

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