Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Does This Have To Do With Me?

There it was, plain as day on Tumblr: “Before you discuss someone and what they’re doing, stop and think, “What the f$%^ does this have to do with me.”

That, along with “Their business is not going to pay my rent on the first” have been my mottos all year long. I often repeat either one to myself over and over; especially when that one messy/nosey person comes around gossiping about another person’s business. In the last couple of years I have become so engrossed in my own endeavors that I really have not had, and still do not have time to discuss matters that don’t directly relate to my life. It may seem selfish to some, but being involved in other people’s business can be very draining. It’s also a huge waste of my time, time that can be put towards something productive.

However, there once was a time when I in fact found gossip entertaining. Whether it was people I knew or celebs who I didn’t. I was once all to ready to hear or read about the latest tea, i.e. someone’s life drama.

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