Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Journey That Began With a Hair Cut

"A woman cutting her hair off isn't a sign of her going off the deep end. Understand the beauty and strength that it takes for a woman to come out of hiding to be all that she is destine to be. No it's not for everyone. But if you so happen to come across a woman with such confidence, understand you have come in contact with a woman of strength; who isn't seeking approval. Because if she was, she would have stayed in hiding under her hair!!" - Mercedes Snowden

If you've been reading this blog for any certain amount of time then you've noticed I am all for growth and change. And that is exactly why I am featuring my friend Mercedes today. Affectionately known as "Mer;" I have known Mercedes for some time now and have even featured her poetry on here before. 

For as long as I've known Mer, she has always had long beautiful hair. But that all changed a few weeks ago when I logged into FB and saw she'd cut her hair completely off!

Throughout this year I have watched Mer make significant strides and changes in her life for not only herself, but also for her daughter too. So at this point, it only makes sense that she would make significant changes to her outer appearance too. 

I am super proud of Mer and commend her on all her changes. In a world where many women are afraid to be themselves because it's not the norm, Mer has stepped completely out the box to do something that she's wanted to do for a while. Something that wasn't done for style, but was done as a way to fully embrace oneself and desires.

Check out our convo below:

TameeksB: Tell me about the process you went through when deciding to cut your hair off. 

Mer: I have been a fan of short haircuts for a while. But my hair was long and so important to me, that I felt I couldn't part ways with it. But throughout this year I've started to embrace who I am on the inside, as a creative person. I wanted to break away from what I hid under, my hair. I wanted who I am on the inside to show on the outside. Prior to cutting my hair, the two didn't match. Cutting my hair was a must! It started out as a desire, and once I did it, it became a moment. 


TameeksB: What types of reactions did you receive after you cut it? Good? Bad? 

Mer: Reactions were mixed. Friends who know my deep thoughts, strong stance, and creative side understood this was a must for me. Others who aren’t a part of my inner circle and don't know me on a deeper level didn’t understand or like the idea. Because they only know one side of me, they didn't understand the deep meaning cutting my hair meant to me. The reactions are interesting because it shows how closed minded people really are. But the good reactions have been great. I've received so many comments and messages, from men and women, on how I am inspiring people to embrace themselves.

TameeksB: What has cutting your hair done to your confidence? 

Mer: My hair cut has given me the okay to take myself seriously. And the confidence to walk like it, talk like it, and embody who I am with no regret or hesitation.

TameeksB: Anything else you want to share about this experience? 

Mer: This experience of cutting my hair is a journey that has just begun. I’m looking forward to the things to come.

"Embrace who you are and don't make any apologies for being yourself."-Unknown

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