Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Reflections

Each year is a learning experience. We literally start out each year being one way, and close out that same year completely different. I've always been aware of how I change every year. But nothing has been more evident and clear to me than the growth I've experienced in 2014. 

On the surface (to others) it may not look like much has changed in my life. But my mindset on many things is different. As we all know, life is a constant learning experience. Whether you choose to learn from the lessons presented is your choice. 

This year I learned firsthand how important it is to actually put into practice certain things I already know. We constantly quote things like “Live life to the fullest” and “Be the best you, you can be;” but do we really do those things?

Being thankful at all times is the one I struggled with most this year. When things were going good, it was easy to be thankful. But when things were bad, being thankful never ever entered my mind -as I was too focused on the bad.

Life definitely has its ups and downs. Some ups are really high and some lows are so low, lower than we could have ever imagined. Regardless of which blow life is throwing, toward the end of 2014 I decided I have to always remain thankful.

Thankful for what I currently have (being content). Thankful for what I've prayed for (before receiving it). And thankful for the things that happen daily (the things I take for granted).

For example: I often took for granted the fact that I wake up each morning. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, yet I always worried and stressed about the things to come. I did this as if I knew tomorrow was guaranteed.

I now take the time to think about and appreciate how blessed I am in the moment. Blessed to not have to worry about things like my health and not having a roof over my head or food to eat. And most importantly, how blessed my life is.

Being thankful and aware of what I do have has helped me to appreciate every bit of life’s moments. Instead of being so focused on what’s coming next, being thankful in the moment has really changed my outlook on life. 

And this is where being thankful for the bad comes in to play. Learning life’s lessons can be painful. But I’m thankful for the lessons. Because once they are learned, new knowledge is gained and can be used in the future. And that most certainly is always worth the pain.

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Cheers to a prosperous 2015, chat with you next year!


  1. Love this! It's got me thinking about all I've learned this year. --Janel, Ain't I Latina?