Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Don't Want The Norm

I don’t see myself living “that” life. You know the one, it involves a big house, white picket fence, and an SUV…a husband who works a 9-5, comes home and interacts with the children. Then the kids get sent to bed, some TV watching happens, then the parents themselves go to bed, only to repeat the same process again and again. With the only outlet being the ray of light that the upcoming weekend offers. Not knocking you if that’s your life. I just don’t see that for myself.

I’ll take a nice apartment in a high-rise, overlooking Central Park or the Hudson River. Or an apt in some other big city, even in a different country. I’ll take a husband who is creative (and makes a living from it) and some out of the box kids. The point is I don’t want routine or the norm. I want every experience to be completely different and new from what I currently see and know.

I want to travel with my family. I want my kids to experience different things and see the world. I want random outings during the week, and to look back at certain events and say “Wow! That was an opportunity of a lifetime.” I don’t want to be bogged down by my finances, or deal with the constant struggle of trying to make my ends get close enough to each other just to say hi.  

I think my view of this comes from two places:

      1. What I’ve seen within my own family while growing up. And not just from my parents, but from a lot of family members. It was always that work hard and chill on the weekends lifestyle/mentality (I attribute this to the fact that my parents moved here from Panama and worked hard to gain the success they currently have). Nothing was/is wrong with that at all, as it is how I grew up, and I turned out fine. But I see the same pattern continuing on in my family and I know I want different for myself… I don’t want what others deem as normal.

      2. I’ve had a taste of that normal lifestyle. I knew back then that doing the same thing, day in and day out was not for me. I lived that scheduled lifestyle for six years and hated every minute of it. It stressed me out and put me in the hospital for 3 days. I don’t ever want to go back to that, ever.

My life today is so far from what it was a few years ago. I am doing what I enjoy and even growing and moving into fields that I never entertained working in before.

Not wanting to live a routine lifestyle has been on my mind for a while- as I originally wrote this post sometime during the summer. I think the Lord is renewing my mind to understand that what I’ve seen while growing up is not the only way families work. In all honesty, this fits right in with why He led me to NYC in the first place; to step out of my norm and out of the box to do things differently- my way.

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