Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hip Hop Quotable: Kendrick Lamar

"She independent, she handle her business
 She believe in God and no other religions
Never in competition when it comes to her friends
She's dependable, she set her own trends
A confidant, a mediator
So sweet, every flavor
Just a conversation with her, doing you a favor"

Kendrick Lamar

Released in 2009, "She Needs Me" is probably the first song I've ever heard from Kendrick Lamar. It was actually the video that caught my attention. The simple “around-the-way" look of it conveyed a real life relationship. There was no over the top-ness, and the main girl in the video looked no different than any other girl I would see/knew when I lived in Cali. And because I was such a fan of the video, I of course came to love the song and appreciate Kendrick’s lyrics.

In the song, Kendrick tells us about the different stages of his relationship with a girl -who he sees as perfect. Based on the title, on the first couple of listens one would assume this girl needs Kendrick. However after listening to the song over and over and over as I have, you realize that it's actually Kendrick who needs her...

I love this song not so much for the main theme, but more so for how Kendrick went about describing the girl he's falling for. He talks about her with dignity and respect. Which is a far cry from the norm of Hip Hop. “She Needs Me” takes a different approach and shows that, as an artist, Kendrick is comfortable being himself.

Plus, I love this because it shows that (some) men still respect, respectable qualities in women. Constantly seeing men praise women who dress and act a certain way can really take a toll on one's self-esteem or self-perception. While rappers choose to promote the message of having a “bad B*tch;” I appreciate Kendrick for always being aware of the messages he puts out to the masses.

It's nice to know that men do appreciate a God fearing, smart, hardworking, dependable, and confident women.

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