Thursday, October 30, 2014

We actually are perfect

What is perfect? Is anyone actually perfect? What does the word perfect even mean? The dictionary defines it as “having no mistakes or flaws; completely correct or accurate.”

With this definition we have trained ourselves to think perfection is unobtainable. We think of ourselves as being imperfect because we do have flaws, we constantly make mistakes, and we’re not always correct or accurate. Thus, causing us to think perfect is something we will never be.

And because we feel we can never be perfect, we tend to look down on ourselves and develop low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy, doubt, and defeat; as we think we will never measure up to a certain standard. 

Then to combat these self-esteem issues and make ourselves feel good about not being perfect, we constantly say things like, “nobody is perfect,” or “I’m not perfect and that’s ok,” and “perfect is boring.” Even if we don’t actually believe these sayings, we walk around quoting them to prove that perfection is out of reach and one should not care about obtaining it.

When reading different definitions of the word perfect, I came across one that was worded slightly different than the rest. This definition defines the word perfect as: “Satisfying all requirements; having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.”

Those last eight words really stood out to me and I asked myself, if we all are being as good as we possibly can be, why can’t we think of ourselves as perfect?

Since everyone is different, everyone’s idea of perfection is different. And if everyone’s idea of perfection is different, then why aren’t we striving to meet our own requirements of it? Why can’t we label ourselves perfect- just the way we are?

It’s all about not living up to the world’s definition/standards of perfection, and more so about positive thinking. It’s simple; if you think your perfect, then you are. Who cares if others don’t believe you or see it in you. All that matters is that you reprogram your understanding of the word perfect and how it relates to you as an individual.

Remember those eight words, “as good as it is possible to be.” In other words, if you’re meeting your set requirements, then you’ve achieved perfection. Don’t let your perfection be measured by the meaning, “having no mistakes or flaws,” because you will be disappointed every time.

Flaws represent individuality and they add to our character. Differences are what make you who you are and what makes you stand out from the rest. Living up to your full potential and finding beauty in your imperfections is what makes you perfect.

People say no one is perfect, but I say their wrong. We are perfect exactly the way we are.

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