Friday, October 24, 2014

Call Me Crazy, But I Like Clarity

“Tamika you’re so black and white. You never see the gray in anything,” a friend once said to me. Feeling that it was irrelevant, I dismissed the comment and never gave it a second thought.

But recently I came across an article that was about seeing the gray in situations. The article caused me to think about said comment on a deeper level. A level that would help me understand the point my friend was trying to make, and also help me understand my personality better.

I have come to realize that I really do only deal with things in black and white, with minimal shades of gray. I like when things are straight up and honest. With me it’s either this or that, because in my mind it can’t possibly be both. My black and white mind frame comes from a desire to take everyone’s word as it is (even though that hasn’t always worked in my favor). It also comes from the annoyance of dealing with people who use that gray area as a way to be wishy-washy.

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