Thursday, September 25, 2014

Material Girl: Temporary Fashion Tattoos

You have to excuse my tardiness of this trend and for posting this right as summer is coming to end. BUT, I love this idea. As someone who constantly goes back and forth about wanting a new tatt, 
I've often said I wish I could have a temporary one for a few weeks. Kind of like a trial run. 

Well that exactly what these fashion temporary tattoos are. Plus, their super stylish and are great accessories- and y'all know I love my accessories!

There available in either gold or silver and seem to work well
on all skin tones.

The quote temporary tatts are my fave. Lately I've been wanting a hand tatt with some 
kind of  meaningful/profound quote (that I wouldn't
mind looking at for the rest of my life). This temp tatt idea might be the 
way to go until I figure out what to permanently have done.

Get your fashion tattoos here-----> Flash Tattoos,, Etsy 

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