Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Could Be Wrong, But...

The older I get the more I realize that our viewpoints are shaped by things that we saw while growing up. For example: if you grew up in an area where the police were corrupt and untrustworthy, as an adult, your image of all police officers will most likely be negative. This logic can be applied to many other things, including our perceptions of people who are of a different race and culture than our own.

Now on to my point: The other night someone posted a comment online saying parents should not let their children get fingerprinted by the police. Their reasoning against this was that the child's fingerprints go into the police database. And if the child commits a crime in the future, the police can find them quicker because they already have their fingerprints.

If I ever have a child and the police are conducting fingerprinting, me and mine will be FIRST in line.

Why? Because from what I understand (don't quote me because I haven't researched this), the point of the police fingerprinting children is so that if said child is ever kidnapped, the police can use the fingerprints to aid in the search. In addition, I have also been told that a lot of the time the police fingerprint children and do not put it into their database. They just print out the fingerprints and child’s information and give it to the parents.

But more importantly, I have no intent on raising criminals. So if my child's fingerprints are put into the police database, and then they grow up and start committing crimes; I will be the FIRST person to remind the police that they have my child's prints in their system. I will also tell the police to not only find him or her, but to take them straight to jail. Because again, I will not be raising any criminals.

It's like this running joke that my brother and I have. He always says my phone is tapped, and I tell him I don't care because I have nothing to hide. Plain and simple: if anyone commits a crime, they need to be apprehended. And if the police are able to do that a little bit faster because of fingerprints in the database then so be it.

I just don't get people's logic sometimes. And I'm sure some will read this and not understand mine either. This leads back to my point in the beginning when I said our views are shaped by where we grew up and the things we saw while there. I think my outlook is different than the person who posted negative comments on the subject of child fingerprinting because we grew up in different places, and saw different things.

Plus, I don't know all the facts, and I don't have kids. And there could be more valid reasons out there as to why police fingerprinting kids is bad. But my opinion is based on what I know and what that person posted. I could be wrong. But this is food for thought...I'm just trying to make some see the other side of things.

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  1. I agree. .. print them lil rug rats...it'll be another deterrent to stay out of trouble or to be more careful while getting into trouble cause the popo has your number/fingerprint