Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You Should Be Listening To: Jessie Ware

Since being introduced to the music of Elli Ingram, I have been somewhat obsessed with singers from across the pond. Maybe it's their accents or the fact that they are doing the R&B music that I once loved and dearly miss from the 90's. My latest favorite is Jessie Ware.

I am a big fan of her covers; in which she adds her sound and style to some of my favorite R&B songs. Below is a snippet from Mobo.com, which gives insight to Jessie's sound and her album Devotion:

Ware stepped fully into the spotlight with her sterling solo debut, Devotion
Her quiet, reserved nature and stunning voice made Devotion one of 
the most highly anticipated albums of the year. 

Devotion was a polished homage to the big voiced R&B singers of Ware’s youth, 
infused with late-night electronic grooves and an undeniable swagger. 
Ware put forth a polished and gorgeous debut that redefined R&B. Her 
versatile and coolly sophisticated voice garnered enough attention for 
Devotion to be shortlisted for the UK’s prestigious Mercury Music Prize.  
Jessie Ware’s voice is a marvelous instrument which instantly grabs you and gives you chills. 

Her cover of Brownstone's "If You Love Me"

Her Bobby Caldwell cover of "What you Won't Do For Love" 

From her 2013 album Devotion, "Wildest Moments" featuring ASAP Rocky

Listen to more of Jessie Ware:


  1. I love Jessie Ware! Sweet Talk is one of my favorite songs by her. Cannot wait until her new album to come out which is said to release sometime in October .

    1. YES! Her voice is a welcomed change from the norm.