Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lessons Learned From Living Alone

While growing up I always had my own room and my own space, so imagine the adjustment period I went through when I had to deal with college roommates. Although my dorm life experience wasn’t too bad, I longed for the day when I could have my own space again.

After graduating it was no surprise that I set out to live alone. I loved that I could come home from a night out and turn on all the lights and blast music. It was the best feeling in the world not having to worry about being quiet because someone was sleeping or studying. And on the flip side if I wanted to sleep in all day or go to bed early, I didn’t have to deal with noisy roommates. No one could tell me anything because I decided what happened in MY apartment.

People would often ask me if I ever got bored or lonely. Of course I did. Often times I would come home from work and wish I had someone to talk to about my day. In addition, I hated that I didn’t have anyone to split the bills with or share the cleaning duties.

But besides all the obvious stuff that comes with living alone; I believe living alone is something all women should experience (if even for a short period of time). There are many life lessons to be learned when you spend time alone. Experiencing this in your twenties can be vital to the woman you grow to become.

Amongst other things, I learned three important lessons that have shaped who I am today:

1.       Determination: When your household is free of distractions (roommates), you learn to motivate and push yourself to achieve goals. No one is there to force or impose their opinions of what they think you should be doing.

2.       Independence: You handle things on your own. And if you can’t, you figure out a way. You provide yourself with stability and learn what you are capable of doing. This is important because when you eventually go on to live with a significant other, you know you’re with them out of choice. Not out of necessity.

3.       Growth: My twenties were a major period of change. I grew away from people and certain things, and grew toward new people and things that have truly made me a better person. No one was around to influence and push me to do things I had out grown. It’s why I no longer do things at my current age that I did when I was 21.

Living alone helps you figure out what you like, what you can handle, and what you will tolerate. It’s when you find out the most about yourself. And although having your own place may be expensive, the life experience you gain is priceless and so worth it.

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