Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's The Best Solution For This?

I'm so conflicted on this whole immigration situation that is currently taking place along Mexican-U.S. boarders. I still don't know/understand all the details, but every day I watch CNN's coverage of this and I honestly don't see how the situation will ever get better.

I grew up in Murrieta, CA- the city that seems to be having the most resistance toward the immigrants being bused in. And as someone whose parent's migrated here from a Central American country, I can understand each group's side of the issue.

I sympathize with the immigrants that are coming to the U.S., because like my parents they want the "American Dream" (which I previously wrote about here). They, like my parents and countless others, see the U.S. as a place that offers better opportunities for themselves and their children.

In addition to this, many of these immigrants are fleeing Honduras because of gang activity. From what I read today, apparently Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. CNN has been traveling with some of the immigrants; sharing the risks that these people are taking to get to the U.S.

The sad part is, some parents are so desperate to get their kids out of Honduras that they are sending them on the journey to the U.S. alone. In which the children are being subjected to horrible conditions and are ending up in terrifying situations; only to reach the U.S. and get send back to their country. I always have a soft spot for kids so my immediate response is always, "Just let them stay here, they've been through enough already."

No, my parents did not leave Panamá because of horrible violence. But I can imagine them trying to do the same if conditions in their country were similar. And that alone is what lets me feel sad when I see my city protesting and stopping buses filled with people who just want a chance at a better life.

But...on the flip side...

I completely understand why people in Murrieta and people across the Nation are oppose to these immigrants coming into their towns and this country.

Murrieta is no different than any other affluent city in the U.S. With the city being about an hour north of the San Diego boarder, Murrieta does have its fair share of Latinos and Hispanics. But the city is predominately white. I'm not saying that race and culture is the main reason people of the community are so against the immigrants being bused in... but I do think it plays a part (but that's another blog topic, for another day).

One problem that I've heard people in Murrieta have is that they don't want the immigrants being released into the city because of health reasons. It's been reported that many of the children that are being bused in have diseases, and that's why citizens are so against their arrival. My niece and nephew attend school in Murrieta, I do not want them exposed to anything that can be of harm to them. So I get it.

The other reason why I understand the outrage about the immigrants coming here can be summed up in one word: CHICAGO.

This past 4th of July weekend 82 people were shot, 14 of them died. The resources that are being used to help and support the immigrants can be used to help innocent citizens get out of these war-like conditions. In my opinion, it seems like the U.S. is always ready to help other countries before helping the people of its own...

Who do we look to about fixing this problem? Do we help these people that want a better life? Or do we keep them away in order to protect our own well-being?

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