Thursday, June 5, 2014

Be Healthy: Detox Water

I already love putting lemons in my water because it adds a refreshing taste, which is especially good during the hot summer months. So when my mom told me about water detoxing I did a little research and found the following info on how to properly prepare a water detox.

The following info is from Somaya Reece's This Fits Me site, where she shares her weight lose journal and helpful tips that include everything from recipes to simple daily exercises.

It’s good to drink 1-2 glasses a day of this. You don’t have to drink this all day. Drink them for the benefits and the awesome taste. Don’t starve yourself because someone told you to try the “detox” water diet. That’s crazy! Make sure to wash your lemons with vinegar and water to get rid of the hazardous sprays they put on them. I don’t care if they say “organic” you still can’t trust that. If you like sweet flavors try the one I made with strawberries and tangerines. It tastes refreshing when cold. Perfect for a summer day and perfect for any day in general.  These jars where given to me by my mom. She has had them since I was 10. They make other types now called Mason Jars, they’re not the same but I suppose you can use them because they serve a similar purpose. I am going to carry these in my store soon. I am currently in the process of having them made and available for you guys. Anywhoo, try them and let me know how you like the waters?
  1. Vinegar
  2. 1 small strawberry per jar (4-6 large strawberries per jug or quart)
  3. 1/4 slices of lemon per jar (2 whole lemons per jug or quart)
  4. 1/2 small tangerine per jar (3-5 small tangerines  per jug or quart)
  5. Filtered or purified water (use whatever amount you like to fill up your jars or jug-quart)

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