Tuesday, June 24, 2014


With all this World Cup fever and attention focused on Brazil, this is the perfect time to highlight 
that country (because I really want to go there).

I have no idea where my desire to go to Brazil came from or when it even started. 
I just know every year I say to myself, "This year I'm going." 
Then I end up going somewhere else instead :(

Specifically, Bahia is the part of Brazil that I’d like to visit. To this day Bahia has the greatest African influence in Brazil. I'm mostly interested in seeing firsthand how African influences still factor into today's Brazilian society (Afro-Brazilian).

And I would love to take all this in during Bahia's carnival. It's referred to as
"The World's largest party."

Last month I featured Black in Latin America's video about Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
I really love this concept, so below I added another video from the series
entitled "Brazil: A Racial Paradise."

The video covers everything from Brazil's African population in Bahia, a black slave 
who married a white man and had 13 children, to the ever so popular natural vs relaxed hair debate.

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