Tuesday, June 3, 2014

200 Words With Natalia Sylvester

Currently a full-time freelance writer in Austin, Texas, Natalia Sylvester is anticipating the release of her debut novel. With a background in magazine editing, Sylvester became a freelance writer in order to have time to work on fiction writing.
Before gaining the desire to write novels, Sylvester’s first love was poetry. She even considered it as a major while in college; but instead opted to study creative writing.

Her aspiration to write novels came about after reading Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia. In reading this book, Sylvester found herself not wanting to leave the book’s characters. It was in that moment that Sylvester realized she wanted to give readers that same experience.
The extra time that freelance writing gave Sylvester paid off in February of 2011, when she signed a contract with a literary agent. Then in October of 2012 her forthcoming novel Chasing the Sun was sold.
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