Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Read this before you Move to NYC

Moving from Southern California to New York City is a culture shock for even the most well-traveled people. Before I moved to the City, no one gave me any practical advice, like how to know which way is uptown when getting out of the subway downtown – where numbers don’t exist. Instead, all I heard was common sense like, “it’s cold there,” “it’s expensive,” or “you’re not going to like it.”
I’m still somewhat of a newbie, (which is the local vernacular for New New Yorker), but I am learning lessons about the city every day. Here is some of the advice I learned. If you’re planning on moving to New York City soon, this advice is hopefully more helpful than just grab a coat and walk fast.

 "Know Where You’re Going"
Unless you plan to take a cab everywhere, New York City transportation can be confusing. For your own sanity, map out your destination before leaving home. I always figure out what subway(s) or bus I need to take. I also put the address in my cell phone so I can map my walking directions. Because there’s nothing worse than coming up from the subway and not knowing where to go. This also saves me time and I don’t draw unnecessary attention to myself by looking lost.
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