Friday, April 25, 2014

Everything Isn't For Everyone

During my hiatus I saw this book cover floating around on Facebook. People were outraged that such a book would be published and targeted toward children. Some of the comments I saw ranged from people being mad at the publisher and author; to others commenting that this book should only be in the hands of teachers and adults (people who can control which kids read it). In other words, it shouldn't be available to the general public.

Here's my take on this: 

Everything isn't for everyone. Therefore, if this book's content does not apply to you or your children don't buy it or read it. And just because you can't relate to the content doesn't mean a book like this should not be published. 

There are plenty of kids who can relate to "The Night Dad Went to Jail." A story like this might just end up being the one thing that keeps a child on the right path when enduring a similar situation. Reading about relatable situations gives people the courage to overcome their issue, it offers them hope. 

Having a parent get arrested, let alone taken to jail is something I thankfully have never experienced. So I cannot relate to this book. But as someone who is empathetic to children who have witnessed the outcome of their parent's bad decisions, I feel a book like this is necessary.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if you want to post negative things about this book then do you. But it might be more effective to clearly explain what your problem is rather than say "This book is dumb" or continually ask "Why would a publisher release this?" 

I just wish people would stop deeming things as negative when they can't relate to it or when it doesn't apply to them. 

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