Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Could This Be The Future?

Last week I read an article based on National Geographic's 125th issue, regarding what Americans will look like in 2050. Here's the article link ---->  Policymic

With the help of photoshop, the above pictures are projections of what continual mixing of races and cultures will result in. I found this to be so interesting and very true; as I've already seen evidence of it within my own family. Other than features somewhat being similar, the newest generation of children being born in my family are a variety of different skin colors.

I imagine 2050 being a world where being mixed with several backgrounds is the majority and being of one race or culture is the minority. Kind of like a flip flop from how things were back in the day; when being mixed caused people to be labeled as different.

Yes, America still does have a race problem. But clearly, that has absolutely nothing to do with people choosing to marry and have children with someone of a different race. It's inevitable that things will not continue on as they are.

In 2050 I will be 67, so I'll be curious to see how the following plays out:

1. How will the census try to track/categorize all of this?
2. How will people identify themselves?
3. How will continual mixing affect race relations? Will it change for the better or get worse?
4. Will there be anyone around who looks like me?
5. What will my Niece and Nephew's children look like?

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