Monday, March 31, 2014

Back to Bloggin'

I'm back! It's been about two months and I hope I used my blog-free time wisely:/

Anyways, during my hiatus I took the time to look through some old blog posts and I realized I kind of slipped away from what I started this blog to be.

Yes of course I have stayed true to my purpose of only posting things that catch my attention and spark a reaction. But when I initially started bloggin' it was to perfect my writing skills. I noticed somewhere along the way I became lazy in how I would post things and my writing became somewhat scarce on here.

I even contemplated ending this blog earlier this month. I'm not sure why but I was kind of looking at it like it was pointless. And then, the very next day I received two messages from readers (whom I've never met) asking when I was going to start bloggin' again (needless to say I took that as a sign to keep it going).

When writing online you never know who is reading your work and what kind of impression you have on them. I am thankful for those two messages because they came at the right time. In which I was reminded that what I do does have an impact. 

With that being said, I'm Back: at least twice a week with all kinds of stuff; including more writing. I also plan to post more of my outings and the events I attend in NYC. So feel free to comment, share, re-post, and like what you see on here.

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