Monday, January 27, 2014

Reasons to Leave Manhattan… for Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the most popular of the five boroughs, yet for some reason New Yorkers rarely want to visit it. Sure, we get why cab drivers cringe when we hop in their car and ask for a trip to Brooklyn, but for Manhattanites, the outer borough should be a welcomed change from the City’s fast-paced lifestyle.
It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or Manhattan resident, Park Slope should be a must see on your weekend to-see list.
There’s a reason why Park Slope is so popular and rent is close to rivaling its Manhattan neighbor. It has the Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Museum, a historic public library, and Prospect Park. As with any part of New York City, Park Slope also has its share of fine dining, coffee shops, Pizzerias, but without the Manhattan prices.
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