Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nets vs Knicks Fans

*An interesting take on the NYC/BK rivalry when it was hot and new last year!

New Yorkers love rivalries. Anything to give us an excuse to argue, but surprisingly, there never was a rivalry when it came to the NJ Nets and the NY Knicks.
But everything has changed now that Jay-Z has brought the Nets to Brooklyn. Suddenly, Brooklyn has a reason to get loud.
When it comes to sports, there’s nothing better than watching great moves in a modern arena, especially when your team is winning. But let’s be real, the main thing that makes or breaks a team – is the fans.

Every NBA team has a stereotype when it comes to fans. The Lakers? Famous and Beautiful. The Heat? Energetic and Loud. The Knicks? Arrogant and Cocky. The Nets? hmmm, let me get back to you now that they are Brooklynites.
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