Friday, January 24, 2014

"If You Have To Cry Go Outide"

I was first introduced to fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone's hold nothing back attitude in 
2008, via MTV's reality shows The Hills and The City. 
In each show Kelly employed the shows' main character at her fashion PR company.

Kelly's appearance on these shows
lead to her own 2010 Bravo reality show, Kell on Earth

Released in 2010; If you have to cry Go Outside has got to be the best book title 
I have ever seen. And it's very fitting for the topics Kelly talks about in the book. 

Instead of giving a book overview (You can read that on Amazon), 
I'm am going to share some quotes from the book that I found impactful and motivating. 
(In random order)

"Your point of differentiation does not need to be edgy or groundbreaking; it just needs
to be different, and it just needs to be you. Most people are mimicking others and dressing
and behaving as they think should."

"Being 'spiritual' and being 'nice' have absolutely nothing to do with each other..."

"Positive and negative role models are essentially the same; they're both
pushing you toward your own voice, your own brand, and your own style."

"Women have been taught that, in order to get ahead, we have to be secretive and plotting and manipulative,
because a straightforward route to the top hasn't always existed for us, and in many industries it still doesn't."

"We don't have to stab each other in the back, we don't have to take things personally and break
down when we're criticized, and we don't have to advance at each other's expense."

"Your success is an invitation to others to use you as a blank slate onto which they can project fears, aspirations, and prejudices... I'd rather be the one living the life than observing and making
catty comments about it."

"From a very young age women are taught by the culture to regard other women in power as
'witchy' or 'b*tchy'..."

"There will be days when, regardless of what you do and how much you love it,
you'll be disgusted and/or exhausted by it."

"But when we hide from our fears instead of facing them, we are unlikely to progress as 
businesspeople or as human beings."

"My mistakes have been some of the best teachers of my life."

"...getting good at something requires consistency and repetition. There is no other way.
With few exceptions, you will get what you put in."

"It doesn't matter how glamorous or lucrative a career may seem from the outside; if it's not
the path you're meant to be on, you will never be happy or fulfilled doing it."

"...the roads of your dreams are not paved with yellow brick; in fact, they may be
paved with rejection letters."

"If your always thinking, Life sucks, and I suck, you're definitely going to see a lot
of dismal sh*t out here."

"Ultimately, if you're doing what you're meant to do- if you're in your truth- doors
will open for you."

"From Cinderella right up to He's Just Not That into You, we're inundated with 
programming that influences how and when we think we should experience various
life steps and that makes it devastating when we find ourselves in another position altogether."

"The mind uses fear throughout our lives as one of many blunt objects with which to clock
our soul over the head...This is what sends us off the path of our destiny and onto the packed
freeway of fear- or worse, into a traffic circle..."

"And I learned that when things happen out of order in your life, you can choose
to take them not as blows but as blessings in disguise."

"You can either let someone be protected from reality or let them be sculpted and birthed by it."

"...fearlessly pursue your dreams and your destiny..."

"The more successful you become, the more people will project
their fears and hatred onto you. This is true for anyone, but it is particularly true of women
who dare to speak their minds or assume leadership."

"I hope humanity evolves to a place where the word 'b*tch' will no longer be needed and a
successful and powerful woman can just be called 'strategic' and 'ambitious.'" 

"If you have to cry go outside."

"Faith without works is dead." (the Bible)

I'm looking forward to reading Kelly's other book, Normal Gets You Nowhere.

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