Monday, January 6, 2014

"Get Over It"

I really dislike when people tell me to "get over it." If I'm sad or upset about something I'll get over it when I'm ready. Not when someone tells me to.

But what happens when you decide to never get over something that happened to you? Or something that didn't work out in your favor?

Recently I had a situation like the latter. Since May of 2013 I had been working towards something I really wanted. I put all my effort into it, made sure to get it completed on time, and waited for a response. While waiting for said response I prayed every day and declared the situation would work out in my favor.

I tried to stay positive, having Faith that this situation was ordained by God for me. Not having a backup plan because to me a backup plan meant I wasn't fully relying on God to handle the situation. So I just focused on what I would do next, after I received my good news.

Fast forward to December 29th; two days before I was supposed to receive the response I had been waiting for since May. I'm flipping through TV channels and I see Joel Osteen preaching a message called "Get Over It."

As soon I heard the title I knew the message was for me. I could feel it. It was as if the Lord was preparing me for the news I would receive a few days later.

On December 31st I got the response I didn't want. The responses was not in my favor.

But the interesting thing was that I didn't feel sad or discouraged. I never once felt that my hard work or prayers were done in vain.

I didn't give myself the opportunity to get upset or be hurt by the news. I simply realized that God closed that door for a reason. The most important reason being, something better will be coming along.

With that revelation, I decided to "Get Over it," and move on. And in this particular situation, I perusing it trying again in a different manner.

I believe I was able to move on from the unfavorable news I received because of the lesson I learned from Joel's message. God allowed me to hear that message at the right time; at a time when I would be able to apply it to my life and a specific situation.

Joel Osteen's "Get Over It" message can be applied to several different things in any one's life. Allowing yourself to "Get Over it" is similar to deciding to forgive someone. The decision to do either is a hard one make. But both benefit you more than the other person.

Getting over something causes you to move on with your life and no longer allows you to feel bad or upset. If you choose not to get over something, that issue can take up residency in your heart/body and cause you to have a negative outlook on EVERYTHING.

We all want to live without pain and heartache. So why not choose to "get over it," so you can move on and live a fulfilling, life without burdens holding you down.

Here is the link to Joel Osteen's Message: "Get Over It"

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