Monday, December 23, 2013

My Parents Helped Me Realize My American Dream

The United States, it’s the place where you can live the American Dream. But what that dream actually consists of is different for everyone. For people that live in other countries the dream represents opportunity, and having said opportunity is exactly why my Parents decided to move here.
They were born and raised in Panamá and came to the U.S. in their early twenties to start a new life. For my Parents, leaving Panamá meant no longer living under a dictatorship (which later took a turn for the worst when Manuel Noriega was in power). It meant starting over, having better jobs, and creating a better life for their future children.
When my Parents moved here they came with a strong determination to make it. While growing up in Panamá they were taught a standard formula of how to be successful in life. That formula consisted of going to school, getting a job with benefits, staying loyal to that job, and then retiring. My Parents followed that formula when they moved to the U.S. and it worked for them. My Mother worked at a bank for over 20 years. My Father retired from not one but two jobs, working at each for over 15 years.
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