Thursday, December 5, 2013

10 Words & Phrases That Need to Stay in 2013

Around this time of year some of us take a minute to write our goals for the new year and come up things that we plan to leave behind in order to make a fresh start.

Well, in addition to whatever you personally plan to leave in 2013, you should add these 10 words/phrases to your list too...

10. Ratchet: "She so ratchet!"
I once heard someone say, "The Q train is so ratchet." <---- People incorporate this word into every sentence that comes out of their mouth. I don't understand why this word is so popular.

9. Swag: "He got swag."
At first I didn't have a problem with people using this word. But then it went mainstream and now it's just flat out annoying. The crazy part is I only hear men use this term. According to Charlamagne tha God, "... SWAG is corny and it is just away for a man to call another man sexy..." so fellas if that's not your intent maybe you should stop using this term.

8. "No New Friends:" What's wrong with making new friends? Of course, keep the loyal ones around you, but just because Drake made the phrase popular does not mean you should go around quoting it or living by it.

7. Twerk: "Twerk Miley!"
Miss me with this, she doesn't even do it right.

6. Outchea: "We Outchea!"
This is really annoying when you're out at an event and one person continually yells this, over and over, and over. For no reason.We see you standing there so no need to keep telling us... *rolls eyes*

5. Trap: "I'm from the Trap." 
Stop right there. You're not TI. And from what I've noticed people that are really from the trap don't go around boasting about it with trap shirts and hats...

4. Haters: "Shout out to all my haters."
Ummm, no one is hating on you so chill. There are some people who actually do have people that want to see them do bad. But constantly shouting out your haters on social media is really weird.

*Side note: just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean their hating...

3. Gym-flow/Airport-flow/ Work-flow (and any other word people add "flow" to the end of): I'm so lost on this one. I am still looking for a clear definition of what it means when people say or tweet this.

2. Jay-Z: Not really a specific phrase or word, but I can't stand when people praise Jay-Z as if he is Jesus. I mean, I know he refers to himself as "Hova," but he's not Jehovah. People put this man on a pedestal and praise him for the dumbest stuff.

Shabby news source tweets: "Jay-Z walked outside today."
Society's response: "Hov out here doing big thangs!!!!!"
My response: "Is he really, because I walk outside everyday..." (someone is probably going to call me a hater for this)

Bwahahahaaaaaaa at this picture!

1. Turnt up/ Turn up/ Turnt: "Lets turn up tonight!"
I can't stand when people say this, tweet it, or do anything else with it. It just sound SOOOOOO dumb to me.

And just because we're leaving these terms behind doesn't mean we
should pick up replacements or new ones in 2014 :) 

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