Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dubwork: "Still Dreaming" Listening Event

Last Tuesday night I ventured to Harlem (which I rarely ever do) to attend Dubwork's "Still Dreaming" mixtape listening event. I first became familiar with Dubwork's music earlier year when I heard, loved, and blogged about his single "Pinot Grigio." With that single being one of my favorite songs for months, I was more than happy to attend his listening event. 

I arrived at Stadium Red Studios around 8pm and watched Dubwork's team eagerly set up the room. From festive finger foods, free dranks, to a step and repeat; I quickly learned Dubwork has a solid group of people around him who are willing to play their part in order to help him succeed. 

His team plastered the studio and adjoining room walls with images of Dubwork's side profile and attention stealing beard. Everything was well put together, and that set the tone for how the night would go.

As the room filled up with people, various Kanye West songs blared from the speakers. Dubwork went around and greeted his guests and thanked them for coming out. And also took a few photos with friends and supports in front of his step and repeat.

Before this event I'd never met Dubwork, as our interactions only took place on Twitter or Instagram. But based on our brief greeting and by seeing how he interacted with everyone I could tell he was very excited to share his project and was genuinely appreciative for the great turn out.

Around 9 someone yelled for everyone to go into the actual studio because the listening was about to start. As everyone tried to squeeze into the space where Dubwork was, a loud excited chant of "DUUUUUUUUBBBBBBBBwork" quickly started. The studio was crazy packed! I opted to stand near the door, close enough to hear Dubwork's opening remarks, then I retreated along with several others to an adjoining room where the speaks played him music.   

Since I wasn't in the studio to hear Dubwork's comments before each song I can't give specific names to the tracks that I really liked. And I am ok with that because I have no intention of giving a track by track breakdown in this post (you'll have to download the project and listen for yourself). But I will say the entire mixtape is something I know I can listen to without skipping songs, which is rare for me these days. 

"Still Dreaming" really does takes the listener through a range of emotions. From "Turnt up" (for lack of a better word) ride out music, to feel good emotional songs; I loved the vibe and feel of the music. And I'm not just saying that because I am a fan. It really is good quality work and it's clear that Dubwork put a lot of time and energy into the content and production of his sound. 

Once the last song ended everyone exited the studio. I heard a few people say "I'm proud of him." And that seemed to be the running theme of the night. As Dubwork started to do an interview; I commented to a few people on how impressed I was with the professional presentation of everything, said my goodbyes, and then made my way back to Brooklyn.

Available for download today on his website, Dubwork's "Still Dreaming" mixtape is definitely worth listening to. 

"...It's something I put my heart into...I hope the world loves it." - Dubwork

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